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Serve The World

Matthew 28:19-20 states to go into all the world and “Make Disciples”.  We believe that is our mission as ones who have been transformed into contagious followers of Jesus.  There is a difference between being Christian in name only, and a follower of Jesus that has been transformed.  Transformed followers of Jesus grow in their relationship with him and desire to go share him.  We do recognize you have to meet people where they are.  If they have a need, meet it, with the overarching hope that meeting a need will provide opportunity to share the amazing love of Jesus Christ and his salvation.  We, here at LFC, encourage our small groups to find a ministry and serve in the name of Jesus whether that be globally of locally.  LFC is also a global sending church with some of our own serving in places like East Asia, South Asia, Africa, and Central America. Follow our Twitter feed @LFC_Global for updates about LFC's involvement in the Great Commission at the global level.

Resources for Cross-Cultural Ministry

Interested in serving the world?  Check out these resources to find out more about serving the world through obedience to the Great Commission.  The Great Commission is the mission of the church!