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April 23 Heaven's Design for a Happy Family - Think Rightly- Pastor David Jarboe

April 30 Heaven's Design for a Happy Family - Wive's Cooperate Submissively Pastor Jarboe

May 7 Heaven's Design for a Happy Family - Husbands, Love Kindly Pastor Jarboe

May 14 Heaven's Design for a Happy Family - Children, Obey Respectfully Pastor Jarboe

May 21 Heaven's Design for a Happy Family - Fathers, Encourage Patiently Pastor Jarboe

May 28 Priorities - Austin Clark, Youth Pastor

June 18 Learn to Affirm - Pastor Jarboe

June 25 Hope is Alive - Lance Lang

July 2 Why Worship Matters - Pastor Jarboe

July 9 The Essence of Worship - Pastor Jarboe

July 16 The God We Worship Pt 1 - Dr. Dan Lewis

July 23 The God We Worship Pt 2 - Pastor Jarboe

July 30 Worship Through Song - Micah Kersh

August 13 Treasuring Christ with Time & Money - Pastor Jarboe

August 20  Worship Through Preaching- Todd Fannin

August 27 Obedience as Worship - Pastor Jarboe

Sept. 03 Witness as Worship - Pastor Jarboe

Sept. 10 Begins With Prayer - Nehemiah Series- Pastor Jarboe

Sept. 17 Face the Facts with Faith - Nehemiah Series - Pastor Jarboe

Sept. 24 Discern God's Work & Ours - Nehemiah Series - YP Austin Clark

Oct. 1 Learn the Values of Great Leadership - Nehemiah Series - Pastor Jarboe

Oct. 8 Overcoming Discouragement- Nehemiah Series - Pastor Jarboe

Resources and Helpful Links

Looking for a good read, an answer to a tough question, or a great sermon?  We recommend any of the links below to get started. 

The Gospel Coalition A coalition of Christian thinkers, authors, and pastors providing resources that are Gospel centered.

The Briefing A daily podcast by Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler in which he examines headlines from a Biblical worldview.

Desiring God Resources from the ministry of John Piper.

Radical Resources from IMB President and author David Platt to help serve the church in accomplishing the mission of Christ.

ERLC Resources from the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Moore to the Point Insightful articles and commentary by ERLC president Russell Moore.

Together for the Gospel Resources from the biennial T4G conference for pastors and church leaders.

Matt Chandler Sermons by Village Church pastor and author Matt Chandler

Worldview Ministries The teaching and apologetics ministry of Sean McDowell.

The Verses Project Musical and visual art to help people memorize and meditate on Scripture.